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CAS & Associates, LLC (CAS) is proud to offer turn-key environmental compliance services to a variety of industries in and around Boise Idaho and throughout the state of Idaho as well as surrounding states. Our team helps identify existing environmental compliance issues and outlines a plan to remedy them in a cost-effective manner.

By staying updated on the industry’s most current standards, guidelines and regulations, we can provide professional recommendations to our clients so that they maintain an appropriate level of compliance for local, the state of Idaho and federal authorities.  Below is a list and descriptions of CAS's services that are provided.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments ESAs

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) involves the professional opinions on the possibility of common environmental issues.


This involves a site visit, interviews, regulatory database searches, and an evaluation of any other relevant additional information obtained.

Historic land use for the possible presence of hazardous building materials (such as lead paint or asbestos), to past and present uses of the site and surrounding properties, are also reviewed.

A written report will then be prepared by the environmental professional that will outline the findings from the Phase I ESA and any conclusions that can be made regarding the property.


If recognized environmental conditions are identified, a Phase II ESA may be recommended.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments ESAs

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a direct test of underground materials, to check for the possibility of contamination. The process entails drilling at sites with recognizable environmental conditions (RECs).


Geologists then analyze the soil, soil-gas, and groundwater samples for toxic substance pollution. A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is a continuation of the environmental due diligence effort. In fact, the Phase II ESA scope of work relies on the final results of a Phase I ESA.


The investigation also follows all ASTM Standards

Soil Sampling
Water Monitoring

Soil Sampling and Groundwater Monitoring are used and to determine the presence, concentration, and distribution of suspected contamination and to investigate a property’s geological and hydrogeological properties.


Once these samples are obtained, they are analyzed by appropriate methods that comply with scientific requirements.


These results are then compared to established government standards, such as regulatory threshold values, to determine the level of hazard posed by each contaminant. CAS has extensive experience in performing soil and groundwater sampling for a variety of projects and clients. 

SPCC Planing

A Spill Prevention, Control, and countermeasure  (SPCC) is performed to determine if the facility could reasonably discharge oil into or upon navigable waters or adjoining shorelines. You can determine this by considering the geography and location of your facility relative to nearby navigable waters (such as lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, and other waterways) or adjoining shorelines. 


CAS & Associates, LLC (CAS) also deals in Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). When a UST is suspected of a release it is now referred to as a Leaking Underground Tank (LUST) and is now considered an Area of Concern. When it is closed, removed, or when it is temporarily taken out of service an investigation may be required.

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