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  • What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?
    A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a comprehensive study conducted to evaluate the environmental condition of a property, typically before a real estate transaction or development project. The primary purpose of a Phase I ESA is to identify potential environmental contamination or hazards associated with a property. This assessment is often required by financial institutions, lenders, and regulatory agencies to assess potential risks and liabilities.
  • What types of businesses do CAS & Associates work with?
    CAS & Associates specializes in conducting Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) tailored for various purposes, including real estate transactions, property development, bank financing, refinancing, foreclosures, and in-house proactive audit programs. Most assessments have a quick turnaround time of 10 to 15 business days but please contact our team for an estimate for your project.
  • Where do CAS & Associates service clients?
    In addition to serving clients in nearby areas such as Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa, we extend our services to cover a broader scope, including cities across the state of Idaho and neighboring states.
  • Do you offer other services outside of ESA’s?
    Yes, in addition to ESA’s we offer Soil Sampling, Water Monitoring, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans. More information on all of our services can be found on our website under the “Services” tab.
  • Can I learn more about the team at CAS & Associates?
    Yes, our website has an “About” page where you can learn more about our company. Additionally, the resumes for CAS Principal Craig Simon and Senior Environmental Geologist Mark Casterton can be accessed on the website as well.
  • How do I contact CAS & Associates to schedule an ESA?
    There are multiple ways to contact our team! You can reach us via phone at (208) 761-3001. You are always welcome to visit our website and fill out our contact form for a free quote. You can also email Mark with any inquiries at
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