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Professional Engineer and Environmental Specialist

(208) 283-3710


BS, Mining Engineering, University of Utah, 1975 

Minor, Geology. 

Environmental Manager, Hazardous Waste Management 

Colorado School of Mines, 1991. 



Professional Engineer (Idaho and Oregon Licensed)  

State of Idaho Vendor Registration No. 30267 



CAS & Associates, LLC 

Principal (1994-Current) 

CAS & Associates is a Boise, Idaho based environmental consulting organization specializing in  underground and above ground storage tank (UST/AST) permitting, related subsoil and  groundwater investigations, Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA)/Risk Evaluation Manual  (REM) evaluations and remediation of petroleum impacted subsoil and groundwater. CAS &  Associates has gained a close and respected relationship with the US Environmental Protection  Agency (EPA), the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and all of the clients  which it has served.  


Specific areas of expertise include: 


Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). All Appropriate Inquiry Rules and  ASTM Standard E 1527-05. 

Phase II environmental investigations involving the collection of groundwater and subsoil  samples through trenching, hollow-stem auger drills or direct-push units. 

Installation of Idaho Department of Water Resources approved groundwater  monitoring wells. 

Collection of subsoil and groundwater samples for laboratory analyses of selected chemicals of  concern 

Site Characterization Investigations. 

Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) and Risk Evaluation Manual (REM) Evaluations. Design and installation of subsoil and groundwater remediation systems (i.e., groundwater  sparging, subsoil excavation for land treatment, subsoil remediation via vapor extraction) EPA required Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCCs) Plans and Facility  Response Plans (FRPs).


Chen-Northern Engineering 

Project Engineer (1992-1994) 

Project engineer for numerous UST related projects. Many of these projects were  completed for the Idaho Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (PSTF) Bureau and the Idaho  Department of Transportation. 

Residuals Management, Inc. 

Project Engineer (1992) 

Engineering efforts were directed towards: the remediation of hazardous wastes (i.e., PCBs,  mercury, petroleum hydrocarbons), waste reduction programs and emergency response plans.  Manifested and selected RCRA disposal facilities (i.e., incineration and stabilization) for  industrial clients in the Pacific Northwest. Responsibilities for staffing, budget preparation and  project management.  


CAS & Associates 

Principal (1990-1991) 

Mining and geologic consultant to the J. R. Simplot Company (Simplot Exploration, Nampa,  Idaho). Evaluated the geologic reserves (proven-probable-possible) and economic feasibility of a  historical gold mine in eastern Oregon. Project manager of a large minerals exploration program  (gold and industrial minerals) in Northeast Washington for Boise Cascade Corporation. 


Boise Cascade Corporation 

Manager, Mineral Projects (1982-1990) 

Responsible for the economic and technical evaluation of mineral exploration and development  programs covering four million acres of timberlands in the United States and Canada. Through a  program of joint ventures and company funding; precious metals, base metals and industrial  minerals were targeted for exploration and eventual development. Other responsibilities included  lease and joint venture negotiations (minerals and oil and gas), permitting of exploration and  hydroelectric projects plus compilation of the Mineral/Hydroelectric Department's annual capital,  operating and administrative budgets. 


Dames & Moore Consulting 

Project Engineer (1977-1981) 

Completed detailed operating and capital cost schedules for large truck/in-pit (mobile) crushing  and conveying systems within the Powder River Basin, Wyoming. A tour of the major lignite  mines in Germany took place during this period for familiarization with bucket-wheel-excavators  (BWEs) and associated high-volume, low-cost, material-handling systems. Additionally, a  mining plan involving detailed capital and operating costs was completed for the Rio Blanco Oil  Shale project. 

Additional responsibilities included: the economic valuation of mineral properties, principally  industrial minerals (i.e., phosphate, coal, uranium); mine plan review and mine feasibility studies  for two coal properties in New South Wales, Australia; economic feasibility audit of a large coal  property in Alaska; principal design engineer for underground and open-pit uranium mines in  New Mexico; mine design, equipment selection, and cost analysis at the world's largest tar sands  (at that time-perhaps the world's largest mine of any commodity) in Fort McMurray, Alberta,  Canada.


Centennial Development Company 

Engineer (1976-1977) 

Project engineer and supervisor for this underground construction company with headquarters in  Salt Lake City, Utah. During this period, an underground decline, vertical shaft and development  headings were completed, in respectively, deposits of coal, copper, and borate. The projects were  undertaken in the Western US 


CF&I Steel Corporation  

Engineer (1975-1976) 

Responsibilities included mine ventilation (i.e., methane & dust control), development surveying  and long-term mine planning for a 1,000,000 ton per year underground coal mine in Southern  Colorado. Both room-and-pillar and longwall mining methods were employed

Mark A Casterton

Senior Geologist and Environmental Specialist

(208) 761-3001


BS, Geology, San Francisco State University, 1980 

BA, Economics, San Francisco State University, 1985 

MS, Environmental Management, Chadwick University, 2000 



CAS & Associates, LLC 

Senior Environmental Geologist (2014-Current) 

Prepared and reviewed all Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports conducted by CAS in  order to meet all Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards. 

Oversee company’s marketing department performing all interaction with various marketing firms to insure  growth on a day to day basis in order to meet company’s future expansion requirements in the western states.  Oversee field operations, constant contact with customers on-site personnel along with both the buyer and  seller of the subject property in order to ensure that the project run smoothly and professionally as possible.  


CE Phase I Consulting, LLC 

Environmental Consultant (2002-2014) 

Sole owner of CE Phase I Consulting preforming Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in the state of  Idaho for over twelve years. 

Prepared and reviewed all Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports in order to meet all Idaho  Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards. 

Investigated and researched other miscellaneous environmental related reports to ensure the reliability of  documents for other companies. 

Preparation and review of feasibility studies and followed all NEPA Rules and Regulations. 


City of San Jose, CA 

Project Manager (1995-2002) 

Oversaw the entire City of San Jose and individual contractor with the South Bay Recycled Water (SBWR)  program retrofit team for the County of Santa in California. 

Started with SBWR at the program’s inception as a technician and left as the Project Manager eight years  later with over 400 customers on-line and 300 miles of pipe in the ground.  

Addressed both individual private and public concerns with regards to the programs environmental and  safety issues. 

Correspondence with governmental regulatory agencies with regards to SBWR meeting all rules and  regulations required. 

Evaluated and awarded contractor group bids and grant agreements while serving as Project Manager. 


County of Santa Clara, CA 

Environmental Geologist (1995-1995) 

Environmental Site and Waste Minimization Assessment Project Manager for the program. Ranked companies on their level of on and off-site contamination and their further risk of contamination in the  project near and distant future.  

Prepared Risk Analysis Protocol reports for the Small Quantity Generators Targeted Assistance Projects.


Professional Service Industries (PSI), Lafayette, CA  

Project Geologist (1992-1995) 

Conducted numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) throughout the entire California Bay  Area. These projects ranged from simple vacant parcels of farm land to large commercial and industrial  property with multiple on-site buildings, chemical warehouses and gasoline stations. Directed hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigations in properties located in rural isolated areas. 


The PRAG Group, Hayward, CA 

Senior Geologist (1987-1992) 

Supervised major geologic groundwater monitoring well installation programs in south eastern California.  Directed hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigations in old abandoned mining pits for possible future use. Conducted Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) throughout the entire California Bay Area. These  projects ranged from simple vacant parcels of farm land to large commercial and industrial property with  multiple on-site buildings, chemical warehouses and gasoline stations.

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